Specializing in R & D, production and sales of audio equipment and related performing audio equipment


Specializing in R & D, production and sales of audio equipment and related performing audio equipment

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We are a modern enterprise specializing in the R & D, production, sales and international business services of audio equipment and related performing arts equipment.

At present, the products cover many audio fields ,such as Powered Line Array; Passive Line Array ,professional stage speaker, club speaker, meeting speaker, power amplifier, speaker processor, microphone, mixer ect.

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What are the three key elements of stage sound effects?
In recent years, with the improvement of the level of material civilization, audiences have higher requirements for auditory experience. Whether it is watching art performances or enjoying music programs, they hope to get better artistic enjoyment. The role of stage sound effects in performances has become increasingly prominent, and people have gradually paid attention to them. How to optimize the sound effect of the stage is a problem that every literary and art group must consider. This article starts with the three key elements of "tuning quality of stage tuner, combination of audio equipment, and integration of sound and stage environment. How to optimize stage sound effects. Grasp the overall stage 1 The tuner should have professional tuning quality * Voice actor Zhang Guilan said well: "The actor's language performing arts and the sound artist's debugging art are the relationship between scales and puppets." "The sound actually debugged is not the actor's original sound, but the sound engineer's transformation through the sound equipment. "Passed sound", it can be seen that the tuning quality of a tuner directly affects the effect of stage sound, and then the quality of the entire stage performance. For this reason, the stage tuner should have professional tuning quality. 01 Has good sound debugging technology As a tuner, we must deeply analyze and understand the commissioned musical works, and combine electro-acoustic technology and acoustic technology well. For example, use the equalizer to improve the sound of the original sound; use the reverb and delay to increase the sense of intimacy, distance and space; you can also use the "double" technology to increase the "group feeling" of a certain instrument; especially now With the adoption of digital audio technology, the tuner can modify the sound waves to create the sound of human voices and musical instruments. According to the characteristics of the voices of different actors, they can highlight the advantages of their voices and make up for their sound weaknesses, such as reverberation in male solo. The intensity should be lowered, and the female singer's solo reverb intensity should be adjusted higher, which will make the singing better. Only by mastering the requirements of different types of stage performance sounds can the tuner grasp the overall situation of the stage and call up the stage sound effects. 02 Have good acoustic art 良好 Tuner's good acoustic art accomplishment directly affects the stage sound debugging effect. The tuner should be familiar with the differences between the performance of different actors, different instruments, and the vibration frequency and harmonics of the sounding material. Familiar with the narrow bandwidth of various instruments and human voices can identify the characteristics and defects of the sound. If a singer sings on the stage with MIDI accompaniment, the tuner handles his accompaniment. Similarly, the music that comes with a pleasing dance is handled by the tuner. At this time, the stage requires the tuner to apply the strong and weak contrast of the music to the stage performance to make it echo, in order to achieve the perfect performance. 03 Possesses good psychological quality for audio debugging Facts have proved that the psychological quality of the tuner has a great relationship with the sound effects of the stage. The instability of the psychological emotions will cause the tuner's hearing sensitivity and resolution to decline, and even the inability to judge various sounds correctly will bring the entire stage effect. Negative impact. To this end, the tuner must master the necessary psychological knowledge, cultivate strong psychological adaptability, psychological endurance and psychological regulation ability, and on this basis, make good use of artistic psychology, creative psychology, audience psychology Knowledge can organically combine the seriousness and solemnity of music with the humor of music in order to improve one's overall taste and level in stage audio work. Selected audio equipment 2 Ensure professional level of audio equipment combination With the development of the times, modern audiences have higher requirements for the stage, not only to satisfy the visual pleasure, but also to complete the aesthetic process of hearing. Therefore, in order to fully optimize the sound effect of the stage, one of the key factors is to carefully choose the sound equipment. Stage sound system is a combination of signal source equipment, signal processing equipment, power amplifier and speakers, etc., through tuning by the tuner to achieve a good stage sound effect. 01 Ensure professional sound equipment configuration Sound equipment is an important foundation for ensuring the sound effect of the stage. It is directly related to the success and failure of stage art presentation. The frequency range of microphone power amplifiers and speakers is very important. At
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How to prevent howling in sound system
The problem of howling (that is, the tail phenomenon of the microphone sound when it is located at the critical point of acoustic howling) is an abnormal phenomenon that often occurs in sound reinforcement systems. In a sound reinforcement system, when a microphone is used for pickup, due to the microphone pickup It is not possible to adopt acoustic isolation measures between the area and the playback area of ​​the speaker. The sound of certain frequencies is too strong, which causes the acoustic and electrical signals to oscillate and cause howling. Causes and Harm of Howling Simultaneous use of microphone and speakers The sound from the audio can be transmitted to the microphone through the space The sound energy from the speaker is large enough, and the microphone's pickup sensitivity is high enough. Once the howling occurs, the lighter will cause the microphone volume to be unable to be turned up. After being turned up, the howling is very serious, which will have a bad impact on the live performance. When the howling critical point is reached, after the microphone sound is turned on, there will be a sound ringing phenomenon. There is a reverberation in the sound, which destroys the sound quality. In severe cases, the speaker or power amplifier is burned due to the excessive signal. It is not uncommon to burn the speaker tweeter due to howling. In the howling state, a strong signal will cause clipping (cut-top) distortion of the amplifier and generate a large number of high-frequency harmonics. If the tweeter cannot withstand this, Powerful high-frequency signals will cause the voice coil to burn out. In addition, in the howling state, if the output of the power amplifier is overloaded, it may also be burned. How to suppress howling
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